Just For Kicks

Most of this is personal work and experiments – you don’t need a reason to learn and create! You’ll find 3D, watercolor, oil paintings, sketchbooks, and more!

Color Grading / Video Effects

Super 16mm Film Emulation Test

Sony A7s Footage / DaVinci Resolve / After Effects

Oil / Watercolor / Graphite

Painting & Pencil

Some of these are finished, some are yet to be finished. These are mostly works from the past 2 years.

3D Model & Rendering

Douglas DC-3

Blender / Cycles

3D Model & Rendering

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Blender / Cycles

Design / "Illustration" / 3D Model & Rendering

Close Encounters of the Pizza Kind

Illustrator / Photoshop / Blender / Cycles

In preparation for a pizza night at my house with friends, I made an ordering menu in the style of a kitschy ’90s pizza restaurant (only a tad overkill). After an hour in Illustrator and learning about ’90s dithering techniques in Photoshop, I brought it into Blender and whipped up a delightfully nostalgic image from a non-existent film.

Let me know if you’re interested in opening a franchise ;]

Design / Illustration / Animation

Unused Credits Style for Ballerina Music Video

After Effects

Animation / 3D

2001: A Space Odyssey Stargate Experiment & Title Card

After Effects / Blender

A super quick mock-up in Blender. Then most of the fun is done in After Effects.

3D Model / Rendering / Compositing

Scenes at Case House #22

Blender / Cycles / Photoshop

3D Model / Rendering / Compositing

Just Popping By

Blender / Cycles / Photoshop